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Company Introduction

Edmond Travel Ltd. was founded in 1983.It is the member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) from 1992.Our aim is to provide customers with the most comfortable travel enjoyment at the most affordable price and with the most sincere attitude. With our professional service team, flexible market strategies and more than 40 years of service experience, we have a reliable reputation. We use our own property as an office, and our business scope spans all continents in the world. In addition to having a huge domestic travel and outbound travel network and providing traditional hotel and air ticket booking services, we also have advanced and fast online business. Our independent network-specific team always provides customers with the latest and HIT travel information and interactive guides. Today, we have multiple regional websites, include World Wide Hotel, Air Ticket, Ticket + Hotel Package, Visa of The World, Cruise Package

We firmly believe that the pace of the times is constantly moving forward. Edmond Travel Ltd. will continue to innovate and keep pace with the times to provide you and any customer with the most considerate and reliable services.

Since our website was established in 1999, the total number of visitors worldwide has exceeded tens of millions, and some of our websites have become the best travel websites highly praised by major media and industry peers. We believe that as Hong Kong's tourism industry can still develop considerably despite adverse economic conditions, we believe that the hotel industry still has a lot of room for development. To this end, we have specially compiled the "Hong Kong Hotel Website" to provide foreign tourists with detailed information on Hong Kong hotels, so that they can choose a satisfactory Hong Kong hotel and make the entire trip more complete. To help promote Hong Kong’s hotel business.

In order to implement the above objectives, our latest website "Hong Kong Hotel Website" provides more than 500,000 hotel room price reservations around the world, which can be regarded as a new milestone in our promotion of online hotel booking services. At the same time, we also hope to use this website to attract the support of more large and medium-sized hotels in Hong Kong, and establish advertising sections and website links on this website, so that travel enthusiasts from all over the world can have a thorough understanding of the hotel's services and choose the one that suits them. hotel and make reservations.

Comprehensive Website

Our website is a comprehensive portal made in Hong Kong, bringing together the best local travel content. In addition, the scope of the website also includes hotel booking, air ticket booking, self-guided tour package booking, tour group and visa processing for various places. Of course, major themed websites also provide the latest travel information and hotspots for sightseeing and entertainment, as well as tourism and transportation information for reference. The editor of this website will also update the web content every day and respond to netizens' frequently asked questions about travel in various places, so as to provide consumers with more convenient and efficient online travel services. If you want to get more travel information, you can visit our company homepage

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